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Specialised Self Propelled Machines - Australia

The Specialty Series.

Househam Sprayers have developed specialised self propelled sprayers specifically for vegetable crops grown on raised beds with fixed sprinklers. The Air-Fan assisted boom folds vertically rather than that of a gulf wing fold. Each side can be folded separately, allowing for turning in very small head lands. Househam also provide Air-Assist gull wing fold boom to 24 meters. Househam also provide a front mounted shielded sprayer for Strawberry crops.

The Househam Veg Boss range has been expertly designed to suit the requirements of the horticultural industry.

Specialist Machines Australia

Following many years as the UK’s leading sprayer brand, Househam self-propelled sprayers have now established themselves as the preferred choice of leading Australian growers. All Househam machines feature an ultra-light tare weight that delivers unsurpassed balance and agility regardless of what’s underfoot.

If you want a machine that is preferred by operators and will provide you with an instant rise on productivity, The Househam Veg Boss is the answer.

Many options and variants available to suit your specific requirements