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Self-Propelled Sprayers - Australia

HOUSEHAM SPRAYERS AUSTRALIA is a leading supplier of self-propelled crop sprayers. Find out more about our range below.

The Spirit Series

The Spirit Series has been created as an entry level self propelled machine, clearly aimed at medium sized farm operations which currently run trailed machines. Spirit will also appeal to farmers who demand small, lightweight “buggy” type machines, but with a much higher specification. Weighing in at under 6000 kg dry weight, Spirit brings together all of these requirements at a highly competitive price, in one simply designed package. The standard Spirit boasts a high specification cab with full air conditioning, 3000 liter capacity GRP tank, well proven hydro-static drives for power and maneuverability, 24 meter booms and a 140 hp CAT Power pack for reliability and power.

The Spirit Series Self Propelled Sprayer Australia

A revolutionary design layout incorporates an open power pack engine and pump system, re-positioned to the rear of the machine for excellent weight distribution. This power pack has drastically reduced noise levels and coupled with its position ensures unrivaled quietness for the operator’s environment. Another new feature of Spirit is the PANTOGRAPH arm boom height control; a new innovation from Househam. This ensures maximum boom height control.

Less Weight, Less Cost, More Sprayer – The Spirit Series

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The Air Ride Series

The Air Ride Series Self Propelled Sprayer Australia

The Air Ride range of Self-Propelled sprayers from Househam is designed to optimise crop care. Machines have a low weight which minimizes soil compaction and allows the machine to be used on drying ground long before other machines and before disease takes hold. Four-wheel steer reduces crop damage and keeps headland size to a minimum. Each sprayer is powered by a world renowned Caterpillar engine which is reliable and fuel efficient. Not satisfied with the other controllers on offer, Househam developed a dedicated electronic rate controller in-house. The TMC (Total Machine Control) integrates many machine functions into one simple-to-use touch screen console.

Add to this the versatile Field Master GPS unit also developed by Househam, and you have a truly effective machine for chemical or liquid fertilizer application.

In order to help modern growers meet the increasing Global demand for food, Househam have applied the latest design and technology in a simple, no-nonsense way that delivers real benefits. With the support of our chain of committed dealers and representatives, please have it read peace of mind that your crops are taken care of.

Househam self propelled machines come with tank sizes from 2000lt to 5000lt, and booms up to 36 meters. All sprayers are offered with high specifications and can be adapted to suit operator requirements.

Make the Househam Air Ride your first choice for crop protection.  

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The Merlin Series

Merlin can now boast one of the most user friendly, practical and quiet cabs available in the sprayer market. The Househam design team has combined their years of experience along with taking notice of customer’s comments and come up with a cab that performs in every way. Excellent vision, comfort, quietness, climate control and air suspension seat give the operator a superbly comfortable ride, in the field, on tracks or road. All spraying operations are performed from easy to use controls, a simple touch away from the main joy stick. Now foot pedals offer braking and throttle control.

A totally redesigned and simplified plumbing layout ensures less liquid in the system, faster response and less washing. 

The Merlin Series Self Propelled Sprayer Australia

The Merlin comes in 3000, 4000ltr GRP, 5000 and 6000ltr stainless steel spray tanks, whilst higher ground clearance and lower centre of gravity dramatically improves stability.

Househam have always been renowned for their spraying systems, with Merlin it has just got even better.

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